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Next Gen Radio is a 5-day, audio-focused, digital journalism project. Our hybrid (some people in-person, some not) program is designed to give competitively selected participants the opportunity to learn how to report and produce a non-narrated audio piece and a companion multimedia story. Those chosen for the program are paired with a professional journalist, who serves as their mentor for the week, and the chosen participant is paid a stipend for their work.

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NPR’s Next Gen Radio projects are hybrid (remote and in-person). Our selected cohort will report from where they are. Staffing varies with each project, but mentors fit into these general categories.

This Next Gen behind-the-scenes explainer video uses as a backdrop, our March 2023 project at the Wallis Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism at the University of Southern California.

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IMPORTANT: You must live within the sponsors’ city/state/region. Generally, that means within a one-hour drive.

Here is our 2024 schedule:    

  • Next Gen Radio: Iowa (July 14-19)                                           
  • Next Gen Radio: Texas Newsroom (KERA-Dallas) (Sept 1-6) (APPLICATION DEADLINE SUNDAY JULY 28, MIDNIGHT CT)
  • Next Gen Radio: St Louis Public Radio (Sept 22-27). (APPLICATION DEADLINE SUNDAY AUGUST 25, MIDNIGHT CT)

PROGRAMMING NOTE:  Next Generation Radio is considering the meaning of “home.” We are looking beyond physical space. Home is more of a feeling that changes as we move, work from home, and make other significant life changes. What is home to you?

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The NextGen requirement to immerse myself in a week of audio, digital, video and print journalism was a test to see how passionate I was about journalism. At the end of it, I was ready to do it all over again – because that week was undoubtedly priceless. The mentorship, guidance, and skills learned are the rewards of the project. I still speak about NextGen because it has truly been unforgettable in my career.

Shivani Persaud, WUSF Florida 2022